Top 10 Richest Counties in US

By | October 10, 2015

Know about the Top 10 richest counties in US in 2016, USA is a major country as far as the size furthermore in part of the riches. The present census announced the country to be the 6th richest country in the world. A country can’t be rich while its subparts are poorer.

Loudoun County, Virginia, Richest Counties in US

The best assessment thus will be to judge the country’s counties. US have more than 3000 counties and the richest of them are the best places that affirm the employment, even particle the retreat’s season.

List of top 10 richest Counties of US 2016

The most critical thing that needs thought here is the capital development of the counties and the dissemination of riches among the populace.

10. Morris County, New Jersey – The tenth name of the richest counties is again from the New Jersey. This region is there in the list for quite a while and thus it demonstrated that it is the region with a steady wage and the normal of that is around $95, 294.

9. Douglas County, Colorado – The richest province of the condition of Colorado is there in the list as well. The per capita salary of the people living in the region is around $95, 324, which is entirely enough to put the area in the ninth position in the top’s list richest counties.

8. Somerset County, New Jersey – Here is another province from one of the richest condition of the country, New Jersey. The region has a for every capita salary of $95, 825, which is one of the top in the state. The province has been one of the best managers among the US states and counties.

7. Putnam County, New York – It is the richest province of New York. The number of inhabitants in the state is highest in whole US and thus the per capita pay of the state additionally goes down. Regardless it figured out how to be in the top list in the seventh rank and the information of the per capita wage of the area is $96, 223.

6. Stafford County, Virginia – Virginia the wealthiest condition of US has another province in it which appreciates the name in the top’s list richest counties of US. The per capita wage of the people living there is around $97, 606. It has been a standout amongst the most stable counties in US, even at the rescission’s season.

5. Arlington County, Virginia – Here is the second wealthiest area from Virginia. This was once at the list’s top, yet after the rescission, it came down to the fifth rank. The capita wage of the state’s people has been recorded as $100, 474 , which is really on the higher side.

4. Hunterdon County, New Jersey – New Jersey is one of the top conditions of US, as far as the capital salary. This region from the state is the highest among all and thus it is set at the fourth place. The per capita pay of the province’s people, as per the last census, has been recorded as $105, 186.

3. Fairfax County, Virginia – The third name in the list is another top union or area of US. It is from Virginia and the per capita wage of the area people is close about $107, 096. It is the highest among all the counties in Virginia and is an extraordinary spot to discover an occupation for you.

2. Howard County, Maryland – In the second rank come one of the most attractive counties of US and the best of Maryland. The per capita pay of the populace has been $108 844 , and that is the second highest among all the counties of US. The state appreciates the best occupation situation for the designers and specialists.

1. Loudoun County, Virginia – The top counties in the state are the Loudoun County of Virginia. This is the region, whose name comes at the top of all the countries, and the most vital element is the yearly per capita or medium wage of the number of inhabitants in the state. The worth came to $117, 876 in the last census to announce it to be richest province in the whole US.

All the states that are mentioned above are the top among the numerous states and the counties are put in the list as indicated by the last’s