Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes in The World

By | October 31, 2015

Know about Top 10 most expensive Nike shoes 2016, Pick the best shoe from the top 10 most expensive Nike shoes 2016: Nike is one of the top brands of games shoes.

Rory McIlroy Shoes, most expensive Nike shoes

The shoes from the organization are the best solace supplier among all the games shoes. There are a few brands and assortments from the organization and the most expensive from them are the best as far as solace and unwinding.

List of top 10 most expensive Nike shoes 2016

The best Nike shoes from the brand that are most expensive too are listed in this article. You can get past them and pick the right one for yourself. On the off chance that you are not wanting to have one and hoping to see them for your advantage, then likewise you can experience the underneath list of the most expensive Nike shoes.

10. Roger Federer: Choose the best solace for your feet and one of the lightest games shoe ever. The super shoe from Nike is just accessible at the online gallery of Nike. The value factor appended with the shoe is the fundamental reason of the non-accessibility of the shoe at other nearby stores. You will get the shoe at 23 million dollars with customized hues.

9. Kevin Durant: The beautiful shoe from Nike is the second most expensive games shoes of this current year. The super expensive shoe is accessible at the online gallery of Nike just and the broad plans of the shoes can be customized by the users. You can undoubtedly pick the best combine of the shoes from the store at 21 million dollars.

8. Kobe Bryant: The polished shoe from the organization is accessible in diverse hues and is an impeccable pair of shoes that will give you the most solace. The shoe is accessible at 20 million dollars and you can get that in the online stores just.

7. Maria Sharapova: This is a really alluring sneaker from Nike. The cost is high and it is altered at 18 million dollars. The popularity of the shoe among the tennis players has constrained it to be accessible at the online stores.

6. Rafael Nadal: This is one of the expensive shoes for the tennis beaus. The shoe is favored by most of the tennis players and they want to get these sets of shoes for their diversion. You can arrange for the shoes at 15 million dollars from the organization specifically.

5. Derek Jeter: This is a very customized shoe from Nike and is accessible in the store in diverse hues. The cost of the shoe has been settled at $16 million and you need to arrange for the shoe as it is not accessible in shops at the cost factor. The shoe is to a great degree light weight and is flawless to give you the best solace.

4. LeBron James: This is the ideal basketball shoe and is one of the top shoes that are accessible for the basketball players around the globe. The shoe has the ideal ability to give solace to your feet and it is accessible in the business sector at 12 million dollars.

3. Tiger Woods: This shoe is accessible in a customized shading. You can have these wild shoes at 10 million dollar. The top of the line shoe is an uncommon creation and is flawless to give solace to the wearers. You will love the light weight of the shoe and will likewise get a kick out of the chance to wear it on consistent schedule.

2. Rory McIlroy Shoes: This is the most loved shoe of the famous golf player and thus the name of the shoes has been given on his name. It is one of the best shoes from the organization and it is going to give you the best straightforwardness on the play area. You can get it at 6 million dollar, however because of the value, you won’t get it in the neighborhood stores.

1. Michael Jordan Shoes: The shoe is on the name of the famous basketball player and it is accessible at $4 million. You will once in a while discover them in the neighborhood stores at the cost, however this is the shoe that is going to give the best unwinding to you in your day by day workout.

All the shoes that are accessible at the store are of best hues and they are having the fanciest outlines as well. They are to a great degree light weight and you can get them at the Nike online gallery. Because of the sticker price, all the Nike shoes are accessible in restricted versions and that is the motivation behind why they are accessible at the Nike store alone.